UK Column News - 3rd July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Treason May: Russia and others trying to sow disunity…
Russia: there is no mandate for attributing responsibility for CWC violations
03:48 – Haaretz: British Air Force bombed pro-Assad forces; lost major cargo plane
Is there a Parliamentary mandate for bombing Syria…?
Who really controls British Special Forces…?
07:02 – Report reveals Pentagon overestimated F-35 savings by $600 million
F-35 still has ‘996 deficiencies’ according to the United States GAO
10:05 – Russia: International Army Games 2018 preliminaries kick off
World seems divided into two teams
11:56 – Atlantic Council: Anti-Trump rhetoric continues…
CNN: Trump-Putin summit makes US a ‘less reliable’ partner to Western allies
Russia: political resolve has prevailed
16:15 – Melanie Shaw update: due to appear in Leeds Crown Court on July 10
Britain 2018: child abuse whistleblower kept in solitary confinement for 18 months
Mystery of the Melanie Shaw hearing…how the ‘Truth Project’ spins the truth
Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse turns a blind eye to Melanie Shaw
IICSA: information missing when requested…
30:49 – Brexit: further agreement on ‘withdrawal’ - Brexit without the exit
Future EU partnership White Paper to be published next week
Council of the European Union: migrant agreement…?
36:17 – UK court system: judges need training
Freedom of Information request: challenging judges under their own rules
Lord Chancellor promoting the ‘business’ rather than justice
Reality: Hayley Gascoigne died after family court hearing
41:14 – Companies buying back their own shares only thing keeping market afloat