UK Column News - 3rd August 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – Lockdown: major incident announced in Greater Manchester
Government lockdown changes planned for 1 August will be postponed…
The unknowable, magical ‘R’ number – has anyone seen it…?
Matt Hancock hashtag trending – HancockMustGo
DNA Nudge band: uses your unique DNA to nudge you towards healthier choices…
CoronaVirus testing: more options coming to market
UK Column viewer spots new government ‘advertisement’ in the Daily Mail
UK government fear propaganda massively on the rise in the MainStream Media
Testing positive for CoronaVirus now being pushed as tantamount to cancer
Stasi state: NHS is cynically being used to collect people’s personal data en masse
Scotland: public interaction with Devi Sridhar being severely restricted…by her
Anyone asking questions against the government line are immediately quashed
Care home patients now isolated from one-to-one NHS care…
Big public backlash against government’s new over 50s plan
Behavioural Insights push out possible plans to see how far people can be pushed
29:26 – AstraZeneca vaccine: liability…? Who needs liability…?
Liability to be passed to taxpayer – thorough vaccine testing is being bypassed
No-one knows what level of harm may occur from mass-vaccination with untested vaccine
Russia to make several million doses of Covid-19 vaccines per month by 2021
MSN: UK Column viewer describes being silenced on website comments section
Free speech & discussion: anyone criticising government line will be silenced & shutdown
Common Purpose: MoD written question on Armed Forces and Police use of CP
Baroness Goldie tries to deny any knowledge…
Why is the UK government so shy of the truth about Common Purpose…?
42:58 – Economics: what victory looks like for lockdown advocates
CV lockdown financial damage worse in 2 months than 3 years of Great Depression
Global debt crisis looming – the crazy fixit ideas just keep coming…
UK Column series: Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree
HSBC bad loan provision - £6.9 billion
SNP’s Scotland: too toxic for new business now…?
50:05 – Defund the BBC: a look at the team behind the campaign
52:53 – SNP Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill needs better public understanding
Scottish Police Federation Gen. Sec: HCB could devastate police relationship with public
Free to Disagree campaign ramps up their efforts
Christianity under intense attack across Western world
Bible burning returns – as happened with the Bolshevik and Maoist revolutions…