UK Column News - 3rd August 2015

Trans Pacific Partnership teeters on the brink, UK Child Sex Abuse People's Tribunal update, Daily Telegraph's fawning defence of Lord Janner, Telegraph Barrister Blogger Hack Matthew Scott undermines Ben Fellows and Satanic Abuse victims, Exaro confused as Ben Fellows not guilty and Clarke faces second accusation abuse, Political attack on Corbyn over inaction on child abuse as he follows pack and does nothing, Barnados gets £3.1 to tackle Rotherham child abuse yeah right, Did Osborne meet Murdoch ahead BBC cuts?, Eleven years on from Satanism onboard warships BBC promotes Satanism, After his attacks on Gadhafi BBC John Simpson wallows in Libyan death penalty for the son, No BBC reports of Goldman Sachs losing 98%of $1.3b Libyan Wealth Fund, Behavioural Insight Team in as police performance plummets, Police no money for crime but plenty for gay pride, Simon Ruda Behavioural Insights Team reframing the world with help UN and World Bank, Immigration and borders in chaos as Lin Homer's legacy pays off, Conservatives planned creative destruction of public services.