UK Column News - 3rd April 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Justin Webb on BBC Radio Four declares politics is to be ‘re-ordered’
Treason May makes statement after seven hours of talks
Corbyn to meet with May for talks on possible unity government
Future relationship with EU will not include any options for a way out…
UK government is run behind closed doors by the Cabinet Office – a dictatorship
Brexit fraud: government will inevitably have to accept a closer relationship with EU
UK Column article – Lord James: Remaining in EU will constitute perjury by the Queen
Bill of Rights protects us from government declaring war against wishes of the public
10:43 – Video clip furore: British Paras shoot at targets of Jeremy Corbyn
Why has this video clip surfaced now…?
12:40 – USA: President Trump meets with NATO’s Stoltenberg
Trump during Q&A session after meeting: I think we’ll get along with Russia
2000 British Armed Forces troops being deployed ‘to bolster European security’
This is EU expansionism and is designed to try and provoke Russia
Main control over these exercises is Britain – a leading role but we’re leaving EU…
British NCO military veterans speak out about UK’s betrayal to EU Defence Union
Johnny Mercer MP: we have to change politics…and change the world
Change cannot happen without public unhappiness – this is deliberate
Tories Nick Boles and Danny Kruger admitted party would introduce ‘chaos’ to Britain
25:07 – Medium: No one should have to travel in fear
Journalists and activists being targeted at airports
28:48 – Facebook’s Zuckerberg: requests more policing of Internet by governments
Is there a need to police ‘extremist’ content…what is the definition of an ‘extremist’…?
Social media companies now have a ‘duty of care’ to protect Internet users
Beware: this is a further attack on freedom of speech…
32:50 – Cyber attacks on British businesses and charities has fallen
Mail Online: Iran behind wave of cyber attacks targeting Britain…allegedly
35:59 – The government is terrified of social media because the truth comes out
Melanie Shaw child abuse survivor – update: she has been sectioned at Rampton
This is how the British government silences anyone with evidence against them
IICSA child abuse inquiry refuses to take any evidence from Melanie Shaw…
Lord Lexton attacks Chief Constable Mike Veale’s work on Ted Heath case
Boris: a reminder of his foul language whilst discussing child abuse on LBC…
44:19 – Prince Charles to lead failing F-35 programme…?
Emergency EU meeting due to blatant anti-EU metrification discrimination…?