UK Column News - 31st May 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Daily Express wakes up to EU Defence Union…?
Daily Express article has now been removed from their website…
PESCO: third country participation – EU will not admit it until after decision is made
Decision-making process has been removed from the democratic process
Elton John conversation shows the contempt and derision the EU shows to the public
Daily Mail journalist: who is David Wilcock…?
06:50 – F-35 fighter: what a turkey
Turkey causes ruptures with decision to buy Russian S400 missile
Britain to be dependent on Turkey to maintain our airforce…?
11:15 – Oxford Research Group: planning for the next war…
Remote warfare to remove any required mandate from Parliament and the public
13:14 – French Police to face charges over yellow vest injuries
Macron’s brutality on the French people: the details
Georgia Pouliquen video now available on UK Column website
17:45 – GcMAF: an update on David Noakes and Lyn Thyer
Common Law Court used in defence of Lyn Thyer
Alternate View 10 DVDs available for pre-order on UK Column website
19:42 – Julian Assange in court no-show after being moved to prison’s medical ward
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer speaks out on Assange case
Jeremy Hunt: UNSRT should allow British courts to make judgements without interference
22:52 – BBC sales pitch: 5G – EE launches UK’s next-generation mobile network
BBC ‘fact-checkers’ say ‘experts believe’ that 5G is safe…
27:20 – Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart unveils proposal to break Brexit deadlock
Rory Stewart: smoking Opium in Iran was ‘a very stupid mistake’
Stewart and Nippy Sturgeon both singing from Cameron’s Big Society script
31:40 – Scotland: Celtic Boys Club abuse – four convictions, ten more cases to come…?
Links between Celtic Boys Club, Celtic FC and Jimmy Savile now come to light
Adam Tomkins MSP on record demanding urgent action and investigation
James Dorman MSP writes strongly-worded letter to Chief Executive of Celtic FC
The ‘Official inquiry’ has ruled out any links to football
Scottish government-run ‘Official Inquiry’ has been pressured by government…
39:29 – Should we ban heterosexuality…?