UK Column News - 31st May 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news programme from the UK Column.

START – Treason May: those nasty Russians but how could I refuse…
01:42 – BBC: a positive profile of ‘philanthropist’ George Soros
Soros made £1 billion trying to destroy the British Pound on Black Wednesday
Soros Open Society Foundation: trying to subvert democracy
06:28 – Internet censorship: EU getting in on the act:
Article 11: internet website links under threat
Article 13: automated filter for all internet uploads
Hammond: UK is going to have to remain closely aligned with EU rules after Brexit
15:32 – BBC News now includes story-telling cartoons…
Meet anonymous cartoon creator Magic Torch Comics: macabre images abound
Cartoon comics lead into dementia and death and bring rebellion into the classroom
Reading becomes child reframing for ‘civic-minded society’
Who is the Scottish Book Trust…? Banking, insurance, DFID, oil and gas connections
26:56 – Ebola crisis, Congo: Public Health England on the scene
28:44 - 21st Century Wire: WMD America – Inside the Pentagon’s global bioweapons industry
29:32 – Gavin Williamson meets Bruneian Defence Minister
31:40 – DSTL Space Programme update
32:34 – Georgia severs relations with Syria for recognising Abkhazia & South Ossetia
33:54 – North Korea: Kim meets Lavrov
Kim John Un’s right-hand man meets Mike Pompeo in New York to discuss summit
35:46 – Nottinghamshire: woman admits indecent assault of boy over 30 years ago
Court suppresses child abuse details…
How many abusers are within UK children’s social care…?
Child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw still held without charge