UK Column News - 31st May 2016

START	Vote Leave Poster Ridicules Germany : Psyop or Sincere Discontent?
3:20	Mafia expert Saviano : Britain is ‘the most corrupt place on Earth…’
7:30	City of London keeps a ‘Remembrancer’ in the House of Commons
8:40	the Relationship between the Bradbury Pound and the Square Mile
10:40	Is Deutche Bank positioned to become the next Lehman Brothers?
12:20	Maglev infrastructure a key focus of Japanese stimulus investment
14:00	the subversive transnational political virus of a Common Purpose
25:40	Zeitgeist conference to be held by benevolent champion Google
27:20	professional Hollywood-style DAESH public relations machine
34:50	Ashton Carter stokes flames of fearful Anti-Russian sentiment
39:50	Cato Institute : withdraw Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama