UK Column News - 31st July 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – Boris propaganda: a new lockdown for the North of England
Rossendale included after first positive test creates ‘100% rise’ in case numbers…
The timing of this latest move seems suspect – designed to create tensions…?
Priti Patel: putting more police officers on the streets to keep us safe (who is ‘us’)
Are politicians getting nervous of a huge potential public backlash…?
USA: CDC latest provisional death counts for CoronaVirus – still dropping like a stone
Associated Press: US virus numbers now include probable cases without tests…
BBC: Matt Hancock calls for urgent review into CoronaVirus death data in England
‘Cases – lots of cases’: data and statistics are being heavily manipulated
Case numbers will obviously rise when numbers of people being tested (as now) rises
21 Wire: Chicago resident required to quarantine after visiting 22 states, threats of huge fines
This opens the door for complete chaos – a rolling quarantine and lockdowns…
15:38 – SPI-B (SAGE Behavioural Sub-Committee) – public ‘fear’ to be increased
Professor Robert West (UCL Behavioural Science) – we need to ramp up public concern
NHS launches test and trace campaign with sickening propaganda advert
UK government is exporting the propaganda & Behavioural Insights Team technology
World medicine man Bill Gates getting very concerned about CoronaVirus misinformation
Outspoken doctors and medical experts are being silenced on social media…
Google CEO admits company engages in manual censorship and blacklists
YouTube CEO: we’ll ban any CoronaVirus content against WHO guidelines
Del Bigtree (The Highwire) has entire YouTube channel deleted without warning
Huge conflicts of interest: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is just one example
After US funding for WHO was pulled, the Gates Foundation became the largest donor…
The cartel: WHO, Big Pharma, social media and the MainStream Media
37:01 – Head of SIS Alex Younger (‘C’) retires – replacement is Richard Moore 
Dominic Raab: EU Cyber Sanctions will continue after end of transition period
US President Trump: Germany is delinquent
12,000 US troops to be removed from Germany, more planned for removal from Japan
45:24 – UN: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – 30 July 2020
Nicola Murray: UK Gov is committed to the eradication of all forms of modern slavery
Profit from modern slavery – £130 billion, UK Gov commits £61 million to fight it…
47:35 – Economics: Cabinet Office Plan to Rebuild (Covid-19 recovery strategy)
Furloughed employees then made redundant to receive redundancy pay based on original salary
Lloyds Bank bad loan provision: £3.8 billion for 2020
Royal Dutch Shell: $18 billion loss
Governments did this: none of it is caused by a virus…