UK Column News - 31st July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Disinformation and ‘fake news’ report: a broader look
Schools to help teach children how to spot ‘fake news’…
The Journal of Media Literacy Education
New program ‘has helped bring better media literacy to Ukraine’
UKC article: BBC Media Action – subversion from broadcasting house to Kazakhstan
Who is the mysterious Andy Pryce…?
A picture is emerging of full spectrum dominance of the media narrative…
The Ministry of Truth from 1984
12:48 – Brexit: STD warning – super-gonorrhoea to spread more easily when UK leaves
Who is ‘journalist’ Charlotte Ikonen…?
15:38 – Facebook: putting children’s lives at risk by reviving spurious MMR claims…?
Royal College of GPs: who is chair Helen Stokes-Lampard…?
Secretive Privy Council appoints new chair of General Medical Council
Vaccination information under attack by medical establishment
Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH - ‘independent’): who is Shirley Cramer…?
RSPH and the Young Health Movement: calls for action…
Computer Artificial Intelligence to decide if you are mentally ill
Author of A Guide to the National Curriculum: who is Charles Hymas…?
The public fights back via Twitter
26:13 – BBC: Novichok – safety measures at victim Dawn Sturgess’ funeral
The Novichok pantomime goes on – a cynical use of Dawn Sturgess’ funeral
29:14 – British Army: trained & ready to deploy, supporting the Police
Metropolitan Police video: warning public about banking fraud
Police have no interest in massive billion Pound fraud within the banking system
32:18 – Home Office: Early Intervention Youth Fund prospectus
Sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector: eighth report
Stephen Twigg: victims and whistleblowers must not feel penalised…
37:37 – Home Office: The economic and social costs of modern slavery
Human trafficking annual profit: £130 billion...
39:28 – Prince Charles: 19-point letter to ‘independent’ child sexual abuse inquiry
One rule for royalty…another rule for commoners
45:00 – Sad news: Guy Taylor has passed away