UK Column News - 31st January 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – Brexit day: today is the day
Bill Cash MP: British people…will be able to decide their own laws
Boris: this is not an end, but a beginning
Britain now in the transition period – negotiations for future relationship begin
Michael Gove on UK fishing rights question: no err…maybe yes
Following EU defence union question, Lord James of Blackheath told to resign…
UK Column article: Schrödinger’s Defence Policy
Very misleading statements from Baroness Goldie and Lord Freddie Howe
Bi-lateral & multi-lateral agreements between EU states usurp defence union question
Ed Ollard: You (Lord James) have no constitutional right to involve yourself in defence
Threatening members of House of Lords to resign creates real constitutional crisis
13:06 – Israel-Palestine peace: the ‘deal of the century’
Israeli national anthem plays in the White House – ‘deal’ seems more like an ultimatum
Jared Kushner very arrogant during statement on peace deal
Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas: Jerusalem is not for sale, our rights are not for sale
Synchronised Israeli attacks on Jordan, King Abdullah: the Greater Israel Project…?
A closer look at the ‘deal of the century’
Israel demands ‘pure Jewish’ ethno-nationalist state…
US government has officially legalised apartheid rule in Israel and Palestine
21 Wire article: Kushner’s ‘deal of the century’ - bribing Palestinians to go away
Israel looks to the ‘reservation’ system used in the US for Native American Indians
The shrinking Palestine map since 1946…
‘Anti-semitism’ will be used against any Palestinian supporters: Palestinians are Semitic…
31:56 – Daily Mirror: killer flu – 150 Brits in quarantine
WHO: up to 650,000 people die each year from seasonal flu…
UK risk level increased from low to moderate: media still ramping up the fear
35:02 – Damian Collins fails in re-application for DCMS chair position
New DCMS chair Julian Knight promises to be a critical friend to the BBC