UK Column News - 31st January 2018

Bran Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Treason May: I’m not a quitter…
04:31 – UK asset-stripping: Tories back report for huge NHS property sell-off
10:42 – London annual pollution limit for 2018 already breached…or is it…?
15:02 – Fake news: Treason May’s ‘fake news unit’ already branded fake news
16:28 – The Guardian: ‘propaganda’ article unveils reverse psychology at work
19:56 – BBC: Taliban threaten 70% of Afghanistan...Afghan government disagrees
23:45 – Co-Director of Afghanistan Analysts Network: who is Kate Clark…?
33:48 – The Federal Reserve will ignite the next “financial crisis”
35:42 – Capita in distress: the company which is stripping the MOD
37:51 – Treason Laws: can Royal Assent prevent trials…?
39:20 – MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan under fire from constituents on child abuse
40:32 – Melanie Shaw: visit from Social Services denied by prison governor…