UK Column News - 31st August 2015

Good news as Sir House Police Scotland quits, EU spend £1billion on self propaganda, EU funds BBC pro EU Great European Disaster, BBC Peston & Common Purpose, Common Purpose propaganda for children, BBC propaganda and licence fees, Nick North BBC Audience guru Russia and GfK, Sad passing Malcolm Treacher Inquiring Minds, Ian Crane Crane Report tonight, War propaganda as IS destroys temple, NATO ups the anti with naval exercises Black Sea, Osborne buys Scots with Trident cash, FTSE scrabbles for an up from rock bottom, HSBC Natwest RBS jump on cash payment glitch safety net, British government continues to lie over UK £13.6 trillion debt, House prices high but sales down, Cameron and West try to blame China for banking woes, Never mind ships and steel British economy to recover with ice cream breakthrough