UK Column News - 30th September 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris’ gambit…
Secret plan to make Speaker of the House John Berkow prime minster
Powers that (shouldn’t) be still trying to setup ‘government of national unity’…?
This is a deliberate, orchestrated coup by the government of occupation
‘Abuse is virtually constant’: female MPs speak about the threats they face
Have any of these threats been specified or reported to the Police…?
Dominic Cummings: the term ‘surrender’ will be shoved down their throats
EU defence union viral video: who has made these commitments and assurances…?
Simon Bean MBE: as Lord James stated – ‘we must know the truth’
Former NCO Bean MBE points out the critical date of 1st November
The Hill: why trying to impeach Trump and oust Johnson may end in tears
The Sun Feb 2017: Brexit-bashing Lords receive £500k in EU pensions a year…
Independent Sept 2003: Kinnock in firing line of investigation into Brussels fraud claim
EU Observer: Commission admits huge Eurostat fraud
EU whistleblower Marta Andreasen fired for speaking out… 
EU slush funding: how the EU bought power and corrupted the UK
Europe’s hidden hand: EU funding for political NGOs in Arab-Israeli conflict
23:08 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour dates: continuing tonight in Hull
24:20 – UK Column article: White helmets and Hala Systems
The grotesque militarisation of ‘humanitarianism’ in Syria
British government has invested £2.7 billion into ‘humanitarian aid’
Regime change in Syria is still the long-term globalist plan
Chicago-based Hala Systems staffed from bluechip military industrial complex
Who is funding Hala Systems…?
Focus of NGOs is always Assad’s ‘crimes’ but never terrorist ‘crimes’…
US specialists helping terrorists to develop drones and chemical weapons…?
Hala Systems: ties to Frank Giustra and the Clinton Foundation among others
Frank Giustra: an enabler providing funding for NGOs involved in human trafficking
White helmets stand accused of organ trafficking, human trafficking, child abduction
The harvest of war…
Middle East Eye: Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army ‘psyops’ soldier
This explains difficulty getting traction with Twitter messages on Middle East matters
45:30 – Breitbart 2017: Wales to be transformed into world’s first migrant ‘sanctuary’