UK Column News - 30th September 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast at which the item in question begins.


1’]    BBC fraud and corruption. Alan Yentob’s declaration of personal interests indicates that he is a non-executive director of Dewhurst Dent, a failing company, and is an unpaid chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), which “has a relationship with the BBC”, as Yentob himself writes. Supposedly, it was agreed with the BBC that Yentob would have nothing to do with the ICA (!).


3’]    Yentob has also been Chairman of Trustees for Kids Company, a charity that has recently been found to have “lost” a great deal of money. Brian Gerrish calls this “fraud on the public and licence fee payers in particular, because he was using [the public’s] money to promote his own cause”.


5’]    Gerrish reminds viewers and listeners that the public story of financial trouble with Kids Company began very shortly after its boss Camila Batmanghelidjh produced a list of highly-placed persons accused of child abuse.


6’]    The Panorama documentary questioning the credibility of witnesses to VIP abuse of children will be screened on 6 October. Gerrish’s conclusion:

Yentob’s BBC Panorama will help to protect VIP establishment child abusers and undermine abuse survivors … all made possible by public money.


7’]    Many viewers and listeners have e-mailed the UK Column expressing their appreciation of yesterday’s interview with Wilfred Wong on Satanic ritual abuse.


8’]    Harriet Harman and Dame Elish Angiolini (the then Procurator Fiscal of Scotland) were hosting a summit on the protection of women and children in 2005. Yet Harman (with Patricia Hewitt) was on the National Council of Civil Liberties when they accepted association with the Paedophile Information Exchange, and Angiolini (under her maiden name McPhilomy) worked with senior legal figures in Scotland to undermine common law to make it easier for boys and young men to be abused.


10’]    An example of a lenient sentence for a man who wrecked a boy’s life with abuse, with the sentencing judge taking into account the dynamics of a “relationship”.


11’]    The Prince of Wales has subverted the Constitution by writing to senior judges urging them to use court sentencing to address “climate change”.


12’]    A plea to subscribe to the UK Column via

Unfortunately, technical issues in Peterborough mean that the revived Doomwatch is on indefinite hiatus.


13’]    New Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for a free vote on attacking Syria. How will Jeremy Corbyn “bring truth into politics” as promised at his party conference this week?


15’]    Glencore (mining company), a perennial breaker of international law and “the biggest company you’ve never heard of” with a shipping fleet reportedly larger than the Royal Navy, has had its stock price fall by 30%, and today it is up a few per cent (a “dead cat bounce”). Its debt was serviceable only while commodity prices were high, which they no longer are.

Mike Robinson suspects that this and other mining companies might not have long to live.


16’]    China continues to be blamed for the fall in commodity prices, but to blame China is merely propaganda to cover up the complete collapse of the global economy (what collapsed in 2008 was only the financial system).


17’]    Reports in 2009 were already hinting that demand for shipping was plummeting.


18’]    The Bank of England’s response is the “sustainability” and “global warming” agenda.

The Global Goals involve an annual spend of £3,000,000,000,000 so that “no-one is left behind”. But what happened with the U.S.’ “No Child Left Behind” policy? What that meant was holding back the brighter children. Similarly now: the advanced economies will be held back to bring everyone in the world down to an equally low standard of living.


19’]    Gerrish notes that politicians never give interviews or face penetrating questions on “climate change” and “sustainability” policy; they leave the fronting work to celebrities.


20’]    The purpose of the Volkswagen scandal (as noted by Ian Crane in last night’s Humanity v. Insanity) is the death of diesel as part of the death of hydrocarbon-powered vehicles.

Ironically, Timeshift (BBC) programme correctly stated just a couple of days ago that diesel engines are clean and “power the world”.

The Brookings Institute blogs on how this affects TTIP negotiations (EU-U.S.) as “order from chaos”, which rather implies a deliberate policy.


22’]    The BRICS nations continue to refuse to play ball with the Western powers on the next climate change offensive (planned for Paris in November).


23’]    President Putin appears to be speaking caution and common sense and making an impact. He answered three hours of questions from a studio audience; when did Cameron last do so?


25’]    A very telling public exchange between Senator John McCain and President Putin (shown on screen and read out).


26’]    C-SPAN still has footage at of a famous Prime Minister’s Questions moment in 2002 when Tony McWalter (a Labour backbencher) wrong-footed Tony Blair by asking him (at 1:30 in the recording) to outline his political philosophy. Blair then came up with the “rebuilding of the NHS” as his best answer. Gerrish comments that the rebuilding meant was destruction.


27’]    BBC reports: “Four British jihadists face UN sanctions”. This incarnation of the UN is a world government forming.

Even more creepily, HM Government is said to have set up a new unit to “win the battle for hearts and minds” in the Arab world. It is likelier that this London unit will be fermenting fear, hatred and violence across the Middle East.


28’]    Metropolitan Police sources report to the UK Column that senior officers in key units are acting beyond authority, and coming and going from jobs with no apparent rhyme or reason.


29’]    The U.S. Army is issuing a shoulder badge to troops in Iraq that is remarkably similar (see screenshot of this timestamp) to the ISIL insignia. This is disquieting U.S. troops.


30’]    While President Obama insists on his bogus claim that making war is an executive competence, President Putin has correctly gone to the Duma (Russian Parliament) to request approval for the use of military force in Syria.


32’]    Russia’s having shut down one front in the Western proxy war against it (Syria) will probably cause the mainstream Western media narrative to shift back now to Ukraine.


33’]    UK Column sources report that Oliver Letwin and Francis Maude are running the military via the Cabinet Office, leaving Cameron a puppet.


34’]    Hitachi Data Systems is making pre-crime (as in the film “Minority Report”) a reality.


35’]    The (pro-Western) Moscow Times is complaining that there is a Leveson-style war being waged on the Russian media. The UK press has suffered the real thing, which very nearly succeeded.


36’]    Journalists who came to see the UK Column were told by Gerrish that the failure of Leveson had probably bought five more years’ press freedom in the country.


37’]    The Soviet system is increasingly being mirrored by the UK authorities.