UK Column News - 30th October 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – General Election on 12 December
A new Speaker of the House will be elected on 4 November
Parliament will be dissolved on 6 November
Are we facing another hung parliament…?
BBC: in a bit of a dichotomy on Brexit – project fear will be ramped up
Will Boris end up with a majority…what will the Brexit party do…?
North of England will be very interesting: will Labour voters turn to Brexit Party…?
Bumper Christmas booze sales ahead for both sides…
11:28 – ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is dead…again 
MainStream Media coverage of death doesn’t seem to add up
Al-Baghdadi’s remains buried at sea like Bin Laden
ISIS second in command has also been killed
29:36 – Alternative View 10.1 conference: archived live stream will be available
30:24 – European Commission now wants to develop a Security Union
Union wants to control ‘terrorist content online’ - what is the definition of ‘terrorism’…?
Is ‘terrorist content’ anything that terrifies the establishment…?
‘Disinformation’ also in the cross-hairs but not disinfo from the MSM…
Genuine terrorist content is still widely available online
Newsguard plug-in: the Internet Trust Tool will monitor websites
Newsguard: legal ramifications should follow any untrue accusations of fake news
The Leveson aspect has never gone away: total control of all news media is at stake
Meghan Markle: the royal family are also getting involved in press regulation
UK Column article: Leveson Inquiry – control of the press and media by Common Purpose
41:20 – BoE Mark Carnage’s green agenda: similar policies happening across the world
Green agenda is being driven by the world’s banking system…  
James Corbett (Corbett Report) documentary: why big oil conquered the world
43:58 – Keith Vaz: facing a fresh Police investigation over rent boys and drugs
April 2018: Police were also looking into the MP’s unexplained £4 million wealth 
Parliament is a very dark, seedy, dirty place