UK Column News - 30th November 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Ukraine: Russian cleric ‘inciting hatred’…?
G20 Summit starts today: Trump Putin meeting on hold
Trump Jr. may face legal peril – a risk of prosecution…?
President Putin to meet Japan’s Abe and China’s Xi
04:26 – MainStream Media takes public focus away from Ukraine to Brexit
BBC Media Action: UK Column requests clarity on government funding
BBC Media Action 2014: builds capacity for EU policy in Eastern Europe…
BBC are ‘impartial’ and ‘independent’…
BBC’s Jonah Fisher blocks Brian Gerrish on Twitter immediately after a comment
Jonah Fisher also blocks David Scott immediately after a comment…
15:34 – The Sun: Treason May’s Brexit deal will surrender our forces to EU control
IISS: meeting the EU’s military level of ambition in the context of Brexit
21:56 – Alternative View 9.1 conference: Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
22:16 – Integrity Initiative: defending democracy against disinformation…
Integrity Initiative was set up by the Institute for Statecraft – who are they…?
A British Council on Foreign Relations…? Institute for Statecraft is a registered charity
The listed address for all these operations is a derelict, empty building…
False information provided to Companies House and the Charity Commission…?
Who are Daniel Lafayeedney and Chris Donnelly…?
Both were at the 2007 Herzliya Conference – ‘the Bilderberg of the Levant’
BICOM: Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre – a previous employer
More connections: Ditchley – a NATO and EU think tank under Chatham House rules
Unpicked: a network of very high-level deep state actors
36:20 – Barnardo’s: boy, 12, raped after grooming campaign – attacker stayed on…
No apology or redress for victim…?
39:24 – Police Scotland: anti-hate campaign misfires again…?
Scotland is a testing ground – the ideas don’t originate there
UN now wants to criminalise criticism of migration
Orwellian: opposition to government decisions are increasingly being criminalised