UK Column News - 30th May 2018

Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Italian coup: President appoints ex-IMF economist to form government
Bloomberg: blocking populists will serve only to strengthen them
Italian Presidents job is to look after bankers not to uphold the country’s constitution
06:15 – Defence: Sovereignty seems to be the hardest word
08:30 – Spiderman unable to answer simple question…
Whose interest does it serve to have Williamson as Secretary of State for War…?
15:16 – RUSI: Missile Defence Conference 2018
17:11 – Poland to pay $2 billion for US military base
Sovereignty usurped again: the public in Poland have not been asked about the deal
Poland is still being played by their rulers
25:03 – MOD Project Argus: removing ‘debris’ from near-Earth orbit…
Weaponising space: what is the ‘debris’ that needs removing…?
British deep state want to dominate space
31:11 – Russia: how the Kremlin fosters destabilising refugee flows into Europe…
Every western policy is twisted to blame it on Russia
Refugee flow is western policy not Russian as confirmed by Peter Sutherland
37:50 – Chicago Forum on Global Cities 2018
Advancing the Global Cities mantra as a weapon against populism
Lord Mayor of the City of London attending but not the Mayor of London…
40:24 – Hofschröer case update: “doth our law condemn a man unheard…?”
Fundraiser: search ‘Leetchi Hofschröer’
Why is Detective Sargeant Paul Groves dragging his feet…?
43:59 – Melanie Shaw: egg on faces at No.10 Downing Street
Godfrey Bloom speaks openly about Melanie Shaw case during interview
Massive embarrassment over Melanie Shaw...the ‘individual cases’ lie exposed
47:50 – North Wales: the mindbending councillors response to a constituent
Individuals are starting to take action and ask questions of the government