UK Column News - 30th March 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
Public Health England unable to say how many NHS people are infected
UK Column asked 2 weeks ago – still no reply on this very important question
Suddenly, NHS England announces urgent testing for NHS staff…
BBC: Burton health consultant Amged El-Hawrani dies from CoronaVirus
Another look at the website 
Elderly patient deaths being mis-recorded…?
18:35 – Rising unemployment causes higher death rates, Yale researcher shows
Will ‘deaths of despair’ outpace deaths from CoronaVirus…?
23:07 – Bank of England: latest CoronaVirus plans for the economy
German state finance minister kills himself as CoronaVirus hits economy
27:22 – Peter Hitchens: still speaking out and asking questions – gets abuse…
The Spectator: how deadly is the CoronaVirus…? It’s still far from clear
The Sun: hysteria has forced the UK into lockdown…will kill more than CV
BBC: how to understand the death toll – statistics taken from computer models
As with climate change, computer models are often far from realistic
NHS change agent Helen Bevan: CoronaVirus conspiracy theories ‘could kill people’
37:05 – OpenDemocracy: the CoronaVirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family
OpenDemocracy petition attempts to bring in universal basic income (again)
41:48 – MailOnline: love in the time of CoronaVirus – a very toxic article
Meet article writer & self-appointed ‘marital expert’ Andrew G. Marshall
South Wales police respond to Stephen Kinnock meeting father on his birthday
South Wales police come under fire from members of the public
Police seem to think that official announcements have become law
Police Scotland are also pushing the idea that they have powers they do not
CoronaVirus lockdown: a free 30-day trial of communism…
CoronaVirus lockdown and social distancing will create social breakdown