UK Column News - 30th July 2015

Scotsman snow and beaver driven climate change, BBC forces out those who tried to expose paedophile Savile as traitors, BBC distracts public from UK child abuse to blame USA, NSPCC blames police for paedophile data cover-up but forgets Trustee Platt named in Lambeth cover-up, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary hard on abuse victims soft on paedophile data, Russia antagonised by NATO military build-up Georgia, National Endowment for Democracy Fire Eye and other non governmental propaganda scams, Sunday Times Airways and Joseph Rowntree propaganda ISIS killings, UK death cult on tour, Mark Carnage warns of austerity and aggressive rate rises, £252k Chief Constable and Common Purpose leader Sara Thornton re-imagines crime to make it disappear, MH370 debris appears mystery solved not