UK Column News - 30th January 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Treason May continues the charade
Another ‘meaningful vote’ due on February 13th…the deception of words
02:55 – German military might in meltdown – silence in the MainStream Media
UK Defence Journal: Can the German Navy be saved…?
European country’s militaries being deliberately undermined…?
EU ‘sovereign’ military capability…paving the way for EU defence union
Suddenly all European countries cannot build military equipment that works…?
EU military union seems to be a disaster already…
13:12 – USA: Chinese delegates heading to Washington for trade talks
US Intelligence Community statement: Worldwide Threat Assessment
The worldwide globalist system is under threat…
Proposed US Army 1000-mile supergun could be ultimate standoff weapon
China now has a ballistic missile capable of hitting a moving target
Rules-based international order is destroying states not helping them to grow
23:28 – Jeremy Hunt on press freedom in China
Oh the hypocrisy: Brits now being censored daily on the web and in the press
25:46 – The Guardian: proposed UK law could expose journalists’ emails
Reporters without Borders – implications potentially very damaging to press freedom
Home Office hypocrisy: Sajid Javid talks in circles on child abuse
30:06 – TechCrunch: Facebook pays teens to install a VPN that spies on them…
34:05 – Ian Crane: Humanity versus Insanity – live on Thursday at 19:30
Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available for sale on UK Column website
35:01 – Venezuela: Maduro willing to negotiate with opposition
British government can’t look after Britain but tells Venezuela who will lead them…
38:08 – Plymouth Herald (Live) – and what is the news topic…?
Devon and Cornwall Police Officer: preparing for a catastrophic Brexit
MainStream Media is messing with people’s minds continuously
5 ways you’ll be affected if UK leaves EU with no deal: may, might, could…
Yellow vests being conflated with Brexiteers
The threat…? That will be the Russians…
China putting some journalists in prison...perhaps we should do the same
A dictatorship is installing itself in the UK
Melanie Shaw: report to follow on Friday February 1st