UK Column News - 30th August 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: EU defence minsters meet: Britain still fully engaged…
Climate change also on the ‘defence’ agenda
Is this the ‘Bilderberg’ of foreign affairs meetings…?
Francois Fischer: It may be secret but the UK will not leave (the EU)
Jens Stoltenberg: NATO will defend itself – damage limitation…?
NATO wanting more control over the internet
EU wants qualified majority voting – national governments will have no control
Scottish judge refuses to halt Parliament suspension plans ahead of full hearing
Prorogation: Major sues Boris – can courts intervene in Parliamentary procedure…?
HoL Constitutional Committee Inquiry into Fixed–Term Parliaments Act
23:43 – GcMAF awareness event: 11:11am on September 11 outside Parliament
Lyn Thyer currently imprisoned in France on GcMAF charges
Common Law Courts events: 31 August – Holiday Inn, Guildford and
1 September – Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester
25:44 – Enforced vaccinations: Venezuelan migrants to get regional vaccination cards
Deccan Chronicle: ‘spine-tingling’ thriller Splice creates new synthetic life form…
Ian Crane: Humanity Vs Insanity interview with guest Dr Graham Downing
28:54 – Rape claims: Police search homes of two men linked to suicide of young mum
Links with the ‘suicide’ case of Stefan Sutherland…?
MainStream Media and BBC Scotland silent on the issue…
UK Column article – Stefan Sutherland: The Unanswered Questions
Scottish Police (Police Scotland) – scandal and problems everywhere
Breakdown in law and order being propelled by the Police…?
Police complaints…? Police Scotland investigates themselves…
38:56 – British MainStream Media’s new poster child: satanism
MainStream Media: using fake news and language to change reality
BBC: the satanists battling for religious freedom – Christianity a form of mental illness
Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: the first rebel was Lucifer…
Is the Epstein case causing a scramble for the normalisation of satanism…?