UK Column News - 30th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Alex Thomson, including: START Lord Janner : Family asks for delay of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry 02:13 Pensioners ‘Virtual corpses’ Riddled with ‘Incontinence’ : Paxman 03:47 Dame Fiona Caldicott & an NHS consultation – Silence is consent 04:38 Labour is the best path to victory for ‘the Co-operative Movement’ 08:26 A co-operative backdrop & its similarities to the Fabian inclination 10:14 Literary Festivals, Political Agendas, & Reform of the Constitution 15:32 Checked Ambitions & a real Constitutional Bicameralism as check 16:48 Dire Noises from Gordon Brown : false calls for a fake Convention 19:53 Breakup of the United Kingdom – to Render its Parts Into Vassals 23:27 A ‘Trans-Atlantic Trade Partnership’ that destroys real Economies 29:32 Beyond Nations & the over-arching ‘Trade in Services Agreement’ 31:56 Encroachment of Totalitarianism : visible Tattoos for the Police...?