UK Column News - 2nd September 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Boris to deselect rebels if they bring legislation to prevent no deal Brexit
Brexit: does anyone really know what’s happening…? A smokescreen of chaos
Teflon Tony is rolled out again…EU military unification on his radar
Adam Garrie poll: should Tony Blair be in prison for war crimes…? 95% vote YES
Ordinary MPs are as confused as the general public on Brexit – it’s planned chaos
Boris on Poland in WW2: Never doubted they would regain control of their destiny
Poland is now subservient to the EU and EU military unification
NATO hidden from view as a necessary pillar of EU military unification
New Type 31 frigates being built by Babcock (and Krupp) – EU military procurement
Manufacturing sector contractions are Europe-wide – not just in Britain
19:07 – Sortition Foundation: a citizens’ assembly – what is sortition…?
A very creepy organisation – 15 years ago government tried to install regional assemblies
Regional assemblies were being pushed by Common Purpose…
Extinction Rebellion: read the Policy Exchange article entitled Extremism Rebellion
Intended to achieve mass protest accompanied by law-breaking to bring down the state
Extinction Rebellion is part of a nest of subvertive organisations – follow the money
MainStream Media: vast coverage provided to these organisations is always a clue
Climate change main goal: to bring about change in governance via citizens’ assemblies
Citizens’ assemblies and participatory democracy – highly politicised & run by NGOs
36:25 – GcMAF Awareness event: 11:11am on 11 September outside Parliament
Ian Crane’s 5G tour starts 9 September in Bristol
37:28 – Iran: IAEA compliance – joint comprehensive plan of action unveiled
Strait of Hormuz: HMS Montrose – 115 confrontations so far…?
Are these armed boats, overflights with enemy aircraft or a few fishing boats…?
Plymouth Live: floods on Royal Navy ships are a weekly problem
Royal Navy opportunity: £78K per year on spin and nu-speak
Royal Navy: never mind the leaks, join the gay parade