UK Column News - 2nd October 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Brexit: Boris at the Tory party conference today “this is my final offer…”
Government announces £163 million economic package for Northern Ireland
Boris: I question the legitimacy of the ‘surrender act’
Mental illness: BMJ – acute transient psychotic disorder precipitated by Brexit vote
Political shenanigans: government petition demanding a general election is rejected
11:40 – Ian R. Crane’s 5G tour dates – tour continues tonight in Leeds
12:34 – Russiagate: US AG Barr refused ability to ask questions of other countries…?
Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu starts pre-trial hearing with ten lawyers…
16:08 – Extinction Rebellion: is government counter extremism unit protecting them…?
UK Column provides evidence and asks government counter extremism unit questions
20:25 – BBC: Meghan Markle sues Mail on Sunday over private letter
Are the Royal family diverting attention from the Mail’s continued Epstein coverage…?
23:08 – Lib Dems’ glee as Guy Verhofstadt proclaims end of nation states
Who is Jo Swinson’s husband Duncan Hames…?
Transparency International: a global network of chapters to create a ‘corruption free’ world
Corruption…? Who is funding Transparency International…?
A closer look at their institutional relationships
30:18 – NATO: the impact of disruptive technologies on our future security
China unveils drones, missiles and hypersonic glide vehicle at military parade
33:04 – Long-awaited Royal Navy Carrier Task Group assembly is short-lived…
Propaganda: not a Carrier Strike Group – it’s an unarmed aircraft carrier and a safety escort
34:43 – Politicians call for Wales to be transformed into world’s first migrant ‘sanctuary’
Nation of sanctuary – refugee and asylum seeker plan 2019: who is Jane Hutt…?
Wales as a migrant sanctuary: has anyone asked the Welsh people about this…?
Director of UK’s Joint Funds Unit: who is Joëlle Jenny…?
This is UN policy not UK government policy…
Lack of border controls in Ireland creates continued destabilisation of the UK
41:40 – UK Column offices at serious risk of flooding…?
Parts of Plymouth could become completely under water…in 5000 years