UK Column News - 2nd October 2015

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2’]    A viewer has e-mailed that the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” has alleged that Russian strikes have killed 17,790 Syrian civilians. Yet the SOHR is a one-man outfit run from a two-bedroomed semi-detached house in Coventry in the English Midlands!

3’]    Stuart Hooper, writing for 21st Century Wire, predicts that this week will go down in history as the time when Western hegemony died as Putin branded Western reports “information warfare”.…

More articles on 21st Century Wire are reviewed which throw light on the extent of this information war. The weasel term “moderate rebels” is often used to confuse the picture.

8’]    David Scott and his guest Robert Green (child abuse campaigner who brought the Hollie Greig to wide public notice) are introduced.

10’]    A viewer has e-mailed that new Labour deputy leader Tom Watson might care to ask at Prime Minister’s Questions about the scale of child sexual abuse in the UK. This might mitigate the risk of insurance companies attempting to close claims down (see the end of yesterday’s broadcast).

11’]    Green has also heard rumours about bullying of child abuse survivors by insurance companies, particularly in relation to Melanie Shaw in Nottingham.
About 15 care homes in Nottingham are already under investigation.

13’]    Tim Hulbert, former Head of Children’s Services in Bedfordshire, told a White Flowers meeting in January about this bullying: officials are being threatened not to mention anything that might increase the number of child abuse compensation claims.
See January 2015 Daily Telegraph article…

15’]    The detective who cracked the Stephen Lawrence murder case has written a book specifically about ritual abuse and there is a Daily Express article about his book, which has plenty of detail about hunting parties perpetrated on children in Kent.…
Clive Driscoll, In the Pursuit of the Truth: A life in the Met

17’]    Some agencies are now admitting the real scale of child abuse and there is more talk of a cover-up.

18’]    After ten months’ wait, the national inquiry into “historic” child abuse in Scotland has been launched on 1 October. However, the inquiry panel has not been constituted and there has been “precisely zero progress” in ten months, Scott says. Although no inquiry members have been appointed by the Scottish Government, Scott and Green have already heard that their proposed candidacies have been rejected (!).

20’]    Susan O’Brien QC is the Chair of the Inquiry in Scotland.
Scott reports that she does not have any evident conflicts of interest (unlike the first two appointees to the equivalent inquiry in England and Wales), but substance is still lacking in the Scottish inquiry.

21’]    The terms of reference of the Scottish inquiry suggest that the inquiry will be all about “validation” and providing a “forum” to acknowledge victims’ experiences; where is the focus on bringing perpetrators to justice?
Scott calls this approach “giving you a big corporate hug”. Survivors all try to come to terms with their trauma in their own way, and those who seek justice (by approaching an inquiry) must be given justice, not hugs.

23’]    Scott reads the names of several legal persons who have already been in post, and no doubt drawing salaries, for ten months already for this non-producing inquiry.

24’]    Gerrish shows on screen and reads out the terms of reference of the Scottish inquiry.

26’]    He describes the ToRs as “simply a narrative of what went wrong”; there is nothing of substance to indicate that the state will “get to grips with the crimes that were permitted and bring the perpetrators of those crimes to justice”.

27’]    After his broadband has been cut without warning, Scott returns on air using a 3G backup and discusses the ToRs. These specifically exclude children in care who were not in “residential care”, and specifically exclude “children living with their natural families”. Those abused at anything named a school are therefore not going to be considered.
“This is an inquiry into a narrow slice [of child abuse]”, says Scott, and it has been no mistake to exclude the rest. The Justice Secretariat in Edinburgh actually has someone working full-time on public contacts about the Hollie Greig case, and the Scottish Government knows very well how much public demand there is for that to be investigated.

30’]    The inquiry may at its “discretion” investigate “medical experiment” abuse, “spiritual” abuse (Gerrish suggests this is code for “Christians bringing up their children to be Christians”) and more, but is not obliged to and there are no specifics.
Nor are there any dates in the ToRs.

33’]    The BBC reports that the Faculty of Advocates (the professional Bar for Scots lawyers) oppose a change to the statute of limitations for child abuse compensation claims, which are currently capped at three years.

34’]    NO2NP campaign against the Named Person scheme for all Scottish children reports that the Scottish health authorities are now incredibly boasting of the degree of data control they have on Scottish children.

36’]    The BBC has a puff piece named “Sir Edward Heath: One Nation Tory’s political legacy”. Its patent purpose is to present him as not the kind who could have abused children.

37’]    Sociologist Frank Furedi’s book on the topic lacks compassion for victims.

Articles by Spiked! magazine (ex-Marxist) go further, even commending the Crown Prosecution Service for filtering which cases can go forward.

39’]    A review of the role of Guardian and Exaro News journalist in discrediting Ben Fellows’ evidence: see…
Multiple tweets by Exaro were clearly designed to undermine Fellows.

42’]    Backers of Exaro include Tim Pendry and Dr Jerome Booth, the latter of whom has large financial interests in … insurance.

45’]    Scott comments on the Exaro-insurance tie-in: “It’s extremely concerning and we certainly want to have a lot more openness in this area.”

46’]    The Chief Executive Officer of NetGate’s eery statement on mass data collection for “population health” in Dumfries & Galloway (southern Scotland) using EMPI software is read out.
“That is saying quite clearly, ‘We have a huge information net in which confidential medical information will be linked to all kinds of other information and shared throughout the government’. Welcome to Scotland.”

48’]    Robert Green comments on the “terrible, terrible situation” in Scotland of children’s fate being at the whim of people unknown to their parents.
“If Nicola Sturgeon can guarantee that not one of those Named Persons is a paedophile or a Satanist ritual abuser, I think the people of Scotland can have more confidence in it,” he adds.

50’]    On his own situation, Green mentions restrictions “apparently” put upon him on 4 March 2015 by the Crown Office (the prosecuting agency in Scotland). For six months, Green has been unable to get hold of the injunction, despite efforts by his own MP. The Scottish authorities have now bizarrely assured that MP (David Mowat, Warrington South) that Green has had nothing imposed upon him other than an already-completed community service sentence. Mowat has offered to follow up on this discrepancy.
The judgement now received in writing by Green mentions nothing of the onerous gagging conditions that were mentioned by legal experts at the time as supposedly being part of his sentence.

53’]    Green discusses a slush fund used over years by Scottish legal figures for their own ends, for which there is no accounting. His investigations are ongoing, so he restricts his comments to an outline. He already has proof beyond doubt that Dame Elish Angiolini took civil action against him (Green) using public funds, even though civil lawsuits are outwith the scope of the Crown Office (which prosecutes criminal cases).
“If there is a rational explanation [for this], it’s taking an awful long time to come forward,” Green adds.
“The public money that we are trying to find some way of accounting for is not just Scottish money. It’s taxpayers’ money” [from across the UK].

56’]    Scott says there have been questions being asked for years in Scotland about a Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) slush fund to fund staff unlawfully and unaccounted whenever they are in embarrassing situations. COPFS has now stated that while it is in the public interest to know about this, there is an overriding interest in not disclosing it, because it would “jeopardise the smooth administration of government in Scotland”.

58’]    In closing, Green says that Tuesday’s interview with Wilfred Wong at (or search YouTube for UK Column 29 September 2015 Wilfred Wong) is a must-see for anyone who cares about children or animals or the future.

59’]    Less than £10,000 per person from insurance firms’ money has been put forward to child abuse survivors in Nottinghamshire.
Gerrish believes that it is the City of London that is currently pressuring constabularies not to investigate child abuse allegations for fear of financial institutions collapsing.