UK Column News - 2nd November 2018

Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

Artwork by Ned.

START – National Police Chiefs Council Partnership Summit
Sarah Thornton wants to stop investigating spurious crime claims
Cressida Dick agrees...except when it comes to Labour ‘anti-semitism’...
Thornton’s sheer hypocrisy over Oxford & Cherwell Valley College abuses
06:18 – Armed Police ‘had full train set out’ for two major incidents in last 48 hours
Armed Police: the new Power Rangers…?
National Crime Agency: additional investment in multi-agency NECC
UK Industrial Strategy Council: set up to hold the government to account…
Who’s on the board…? Government quangos, NGOs and corporations…
Government policy agenda based on rules, not on law
The Fusion Doctrine: changing the relationship between government & the people
14:45 – Emergency Briefing: Defence and Security event: 3 November, Totnes
15:43 – Alternative View 9.1: Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
16:04 – DEMOS: Russian influence operations on Twitter…
‘Underlines the vulnerability of social media users to disinformation’
Twitter is public – it has a self-correcting mechanism because of this
DEMOS analysis based on assumption – no proof that the accounts were Russian…
20:53 – Education: John Taylor Gatto passes away
Madras College to shorten school day to “embrace financial challenges”
Scotland: sharp rise in number of schools forced to share headteachers
28:55 – EU border ‘lie detector’ system criticised as pseudoscience
30:44 – Media freedom under threat and journalists under attack
Foreign and Commonwealth Office: this has to stop
* Terms and Conditions apply…
Government really concerned about MSM tanking as a commercial venture