UK Column News - 2nd March 2020

Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – Syria: Turkey’s Erdogan calls for meeting with Russia’s President Putin 
8100 Turkish soldiers have illegally entered Syria’s Idlib province
Syrian Army has successfully defended itself against Turkish drone strikes
Syrian is perfectly entitled to defend its sovereign territory
Turkey and Israel are deliberately prolonging the Syrian conflict
MainStream Media still bombarding viewers & readers with white helmets worship…
White helmets only operate inside terrorist-held areas…
Nobody can exist within terrorist-held areas unless they are friendly with the terrorists
Food and medical supplies in white helmet areas supplied by Israel among others
22:14 – Britain in the Sahel along with France on behalf of UN
EC President Von Der Leyen: Africa is a place we need to be able to act as Europeans
Teflon Tony also very outspoken on the need to ‘help’ the Sahel…
Coincidentally, the Sahel has the fastest growing rate of Islamic insurgency
27:50 – MH17 Awaiting Trial event: 3 March, Conway Hall, London WC1
Britain commits to new nukes
Russia expects a response to Putin’s proposal to extend New Start without preconditions
US President Trump: arms control is a very smart thing for all involved
Commander US-European Command/NATO: I’m a fan of flexible first use policy…
Who is actually controlling the US Defense Department and US State Department…?
33:23 – Priti Patel: at war with the Civil Service
Mark Sedwill (head of everything) to launch independent inquiry into Patel…?
Boris needs to continue to drain the swamp…
Scottish political warfare: SNP MP Cherry – claims I dislike Nicola just idle speculation
10% of SNP MPs have announced their retirement in the last week…
Some of them accused of connections to grooming and child abuse cover-up
Fury after SNP MP defends visit to primary school by drag queen called ‘FlowJob’
Daily Record: parental concern over drag acts is ‘non-rational parental anxiety’…
This is not about education, it is about promoting queer ideology to change society
45:18 – SNP’s Ian Blackford urges £100 million spend on ailing BBC channels…
Reinforcing failure: why is no one watching the BBC any longer…?
Scottish BBC News at 9pm only watched by 2700 viewers…