UK Column News - 2nd December 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – London Bridge terror attack right before upcoming General Election
Many similarities to previous attack at London Bridge before last General Election
ISIS claims credit for attack: how can we be sure this is true…?
Cui Bono – who benefits from an attack like this…?
This could create legal justification to put military assets back into the Middle East
Attacker killed: dead men tell no tales…
Attacker was attending Cambridge University hosted ‘prisoner reform’ conference
Attacker radicalised in Britain not in Pakistan
Learning Together: LT website and Twitter page has been shut down since attack
Internet Archive Wayback Machine also seems to have been scrubbed…
Who is the ‘terrorist’ attacker Usman Khan…?
ISIS membership of Khan is suspect – ISIS did not exist when he was radicalised
Anjem Choudary connects to both London Bridge attacks and Woolwich attack
2018 attack: MI5 watched terrorists load van before deadly attack but did nothing
Fight against terrorism: public must give up all privacy rights but attacks continue
How did Khan attend conference wearing a suicide vest and carrying two knives…?
Many, many questions about this attack are left unanswered…
Peter Hitchens: are psychoactive drugs playing a part in these attacks…?
26:28 – US President Trump arrives in Britain this evening
Trump planning one-to-one meetings with France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel
Has the US started to take notice of the EU’s defence plans…?
29:46 – COP25 climate conference begins today in Madrid, Spain
UK and EU fully on board with the plans – Thunberg on another ‘green’ yacht…
Mark Carnage (BoE): new appointment – UN Special Envoy for Climate Action
Climate Carnage: companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question
US is still not on board with the plans
34:41 – BBC propaganda: climate talks open as ‘point of no return’ looms…
Climate change: it’s the sun folks
35:36 – BBC Panorama tonight: Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre interview
Prince Andrew’s business dealings also coming under close scrutiny
Is Prince Andrew taking considerable heat to protect other elite people…?
Is he a sacrificial lamb or is this an attack on the Royal family…?