UK Column News - 2nd August 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – British Army: who are the 6th (UK) Division…?
New Army division to fight disinformation under a black sun logo…
Boundaries blurred: it seems we are in a state of perpetual war now
The transformation of the British Army taking place…against the public…?
Conspiracy theorists are now ‘far right’ domestic terror threats & it’s wordwide
11:30 – INF Treaty on ballistic missiles collapses
Russia very unhappy with continued military encroachment towards its borders
NATO’s Stoltenberg lies: Russia bears sole responsibility
Post Truth: lies built upon lies which eventually become believed as truth
14:42 – Mearns Academy update: the gender agenda
UK Column article: The Battle of Mearns Academy
Aberdeenshire Council FOI responses show they don’t understand the Equality Act…
Student was thrown out of school without any clear legal authority to do so
20:42 – The Independent: UK manufacturing output shrinks at fastest pace in seven years
Independent fake news: no mention of many other huge economies also having shrunk…
Keynsian view on money printing proven wrong again – currency destruction next…?
24:15 – Alternative View 10.1 conference: 27 October – Kensington, London
25:11 – Nottingham child abuse: and now the real cover-up begins – another whitewash
Operation Daybreak concluded that Beechwood home was ‘riddled with abuse’…
Key Beechwood whistleblower Melanie Shaw denied opportunity to speak to IICSA inquiry
The response…? Children were ignored, fobbed off or threatened
Anatomy of a Police cover-up: senior officers in 2013 asked for investigations to be closed
Inquiry was never really looking for the truth – no evidence was given in public under oath
35:58 – The Scotsman 2015: Aleister Crowley’s Inverness mansion destroyed by fire
2019: Crowley’s mansion on Loch Ness burns again…Police suspect deliberate arson
Rebuilding with public donations: A mission to create a demonic temple, not a heritage site
Purchasers of lot 1 and 3 of Crowley’s estate: who are Kyra and Keith Readdy…?
Also involved: who are Mark Lidster, William Clifford-Banks and Marcin Bartnicki…? 
Bartnicki wrote the book: The Institutionalisation of Satanism in Poland…
Andrew Curley was to build the library at Crowley’s Boleskine mansion
45:39 – Growing fears rural land is becoming magnet for the ‘rewilding dream’
Farmers’ Union Wales President: same communities earmarked in Monbiot’s book Feral
Tree massacre: Forestry Commission – insufficient evidence of an offence…
Sheffield trees saved from felling after council U-turn – tree felling in cities for 5G…?