UK Column News - 29th November 2019

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – NATO leaders meeting begins next Tuesday, 3 December
Interventionism: will EU defence union be brought up at the talks…?
France’s Macron: we need to completely rethink NATO, make friends with Russia
Jens Stoltenberg:  Russia and China are still the enemy…
RUSI holds pre-election conference yesterday – no coverage from the MSM
Ben Wallace speaks – he is not credible, provides no substance to his points
Trade talks: is the USA becoming an enemy of the EU…?
Was US President Trump right: NATO has become obsolete…?
Daily Telegraph: will Britain win a future war…?
NATO’s Camille Grand: (NATO and the EU are) two sides of the same coin
European Defence Agency 2019: push ahead with the Europe of defence
European defence still planning to push up to Russia and take over North Africa…
Brexit…? Not while we are being locked into European defence union
FP: (immigrant) army service could be the answer to Europe’s integration problems
Immigration: modern slavery…?
33:22 – BBC: still producing childish graphic-led stories to ‘explain’ the election
34:38 – Russiagate UK: ISCP sends its report ‘Russia’ to the Prime Minister
Boris: no evidence of Russian election interference
Bureau of Investigative Journalism loses legal challenge for Russia report
36:38 – Education: counter-extremism policy in English schools
Extinction Rebellion: a criminal organisation is still using schools for recruitment
UK Column contacts Department for Education: promised an answer next week
39:20 – John Waters on Ireland: institutions and offices of power hollowed out
Institutions and offices of power are not authentic: secret government in the shadows
41:47 – BBC ramps up the sexualisation of children, young people and adults
BBC also ramping up war between the sexes…appoints new ‘intimacy director’
BBC’s Holby City: issues raised – death, mental health and sexual violence…
BBC is conditioning its audience to create the social problems in society
Applied Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in evidence
BBC Media Action is also funding this programming abroad…
48:07 – British prepping: a matter of psychological survival…?