UK Column News - 29th May 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – No freedom: lockdown still stands at level 4…
The new lockdown – a whole load more dictats from government on the people
Chancellor of the Exchequer aiming to destroy the economy completely…?
Restructuring the economy: furlough scheme only delaying inevitable lay-offs…?
Mortgage (death pledge) payment holidays under review
Public not welcome: Premier League football to be restarted with fake crowd noise
CoronaVirus-related deaths dropping – particularly at weekends…
CoronaVirus second-wave still has not materialised anywhere in the world
Boris: transmission level far lower outside so we can allow more interaction outside
Is continued lockdown justified as the country slowly collapses…?
NHS releases Test and Trace: initially to be voluntary…
This follows the Chinese system and allows anonymous persons to report others…
What tests are planned…? Will ‘game changer’ antibody test work…?
CoronaVirus will become an endless gravy train for big pharma
BBC: NHS app paves the way for ‘immunity passports’
The New Normal: a chaotic, arbitrary moving status…?
All of this is based on computer models not reality…
28:55 – David Noakes (GcMAF) prison contact details
The COVID-19 accelerometer dashboard – another inaccurate model
The R-number: lockdown started when infection figures were already falling
Dr John Lee: models generating R are less reliable than long-range weather forecasts
Dr Sunera Gupta: I don’t think R can be calculated without knowledge of immunities
Computer modelling: based on elaborate assumption…
Infections and hospitalisations already peaked on March 18
The COVID exponential myth
45:09 – Matt Hancock: guided by ‘the science’ (fiction)
Is the government suffering from Dunning-Kruger effect…?