UK Column News - 29th May 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – European Council met yesterday – Treason May was there
Brexit…? Not my problem now says May
Will Federica Mogherini become European President…?
Donald Tusk: high turnout proves EU is a strong pan-European democracy…
Tusk: Brexit has been a vaccine against anti-EU propaganda & fake news
Who will take the reins from Treason May…?
Matt Hancock attacks Boris Johnson – this is the level of candidates we have
Boris off to court…summoned on allegations of misconduct in public office
09:56 – Angela Merkel warns against ‘dark forces’ on the rise in Europe
Which ‘dark forces’ is she really talking about…?
British Army looking out for people who describe themselves as ‘patriots’…
Closed social media groups also on watchlist – is the WI in the firing line…?
Is government worried that the public is getting a little too close to the truth…?
The Stasi model is being used to shut down and silence people
UK government mind control: an overview
Awash with ‘community’ spies: the creation of the UK Stasi State
25:23 – GcMAF and the prosecution of David Noakes, Lyn Thyer & Immuno Biotech
MHRA: 2 fatal adverse reactions to yellow fever vaccine (Stamaril)
MainStream Media ignores the MHRA warning…
28:50 – Georgia Pouliquen: video interview available on French yellow vests
YouTube controls viewer comments by deciding which to show first…
31:31 – EU Defence Union silence: Twitter is a useful tool
32:58 – Alternative View 10 DVDs available for pre-order from UKC website
Ian Crane: Humanity versus Insanity tomorrow with David Noakes at 19:30
33:44 – Syria: Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media
Many important questions raised on Douma ‘chemical’ attacks
UK Column article – Syria: Pro-Regime Change Academic Bias in UK
OPCW refuses to acknowledge Scott Lucas’ connections to the organisation
37:48 – Scotland: arrest after drone sighted near nuclear submarine
Is the hype being built up to disallow drone use by the public…?
39:24 – Communities unite to say NO to sexualisation of young children