UK Column News - 29th March 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and David Ellis for today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit (without the exit) day
House of Parliament this morning: comedy gold
British politicians have no idea what they are voting for…
New treaties to be used with no way to remove ourselves from them…?
‘Security Partnership’ includes far more than people realise
Britain to become a permanent vassalage of the EU with no way out
Parliament has been circumvented and subverted: EU now dictates the script
A dictatorship: parliamentarians unable to ask questions of May’s deal
Joining Forces: the way towards the European Defence Union
The EU is building a new empire: member states must give up their sovereignty
None of this has been discussed in Parliament…
German Defence Minister Von Der Leyen parrots Teflon Tony’s policies
Who is writing this joint script…? Not the British Parliament…
A coup has taken place within the British political system: who is creating policy…?
EU ‘defence’ force to project outside the EU: helping people with their security…
The new Deutsche Afrika Korps being built…?
22:00 – NATO: Jens Stoltenberg confirmed for another two years…
Georgia pushing out in all defence areas to boost NATO membership chances
EU army is not defensive – it is expansionist
Joint NATO-Georgia military exercises kick off near Tbilisi
NATO and the EU now working towards a common purpose…
European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP): the empire in view
MPs still deny any EU defence union…the public must increase the pressure on them
Remainers completely in the dark in respect of planned complete takeover by the EU
Brainwashing MainStream Media has been very effective in distorting viewpoints
People go mad in herds but regain their sanity one at a time…
Daily Express fake news fearmongering: what to stockpile in case of a no deal Brexit
Johnny Mercer MP: selling his constituents down the river
40:08 – Democracy 17.4 calls for peaceful non-cooperation from the public
41:04 – Lyn Thyer extradition hearing yesterday: new hearing to take place in April
David Noakes still not released from HMP Wandsworth
42:02 – 5G talk tonight with Ian R. Crane in Cardigan, Wales at 19:00
42:39 – Nicola Sturgeon: united against Brexit, united for globalism…
Amber Rudd MP Tweet: is she talking to people or cats…?
44:58 – Jordan Peterson: offer of Visiting Fellowship from Cambridge University rescinded
Political and educational bias and hypocrisy in full view