UK Column News - 29th June 2016

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson present today's UK Column News, including:

START    shipping & exports at full steam in the Netherlands
3:17        Tim Farron libels Brexiteers with smears fit for a coward
4:52        the pro-globalisation propaganda of Gordon Brown
8:49        Plymouth Herald slurs Leavers as dangerous racists
10:26      Interdependability & Interoperability of the CSDP
15:34      Franco-British Defence Cooperation Roundtable :
19:47      what was the role of Gisela Stuart in this initiative?
22:31      immunities from the Official Secrets Act (ex officio)
24:12      English to be stripped of official EU language status
25:37      constitutional matters & the process of Mediatisation
31:44      a Telegraph journalist suggests death for Nigel Farage
35:32      Soros joins indecent clamour to subvert the referendum
37:13      the European Communities act of 1972 : repeal it ASAP
39:45      absolutely a planned coup in Labour after the Brexit vote
42:51      constitutional checks & balances & the role of the sovereign