UK Column News - 29th July 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Spikes not wanted in a bubble…
Coroni is confused: WHO says spikes are here and there are lots more to come
Propaganda: number of cases not important – the number of hospitalisations and deaths is
BBC propaganda: young people driving Europe virus spike, WHO says…
Classic divide & conquer tactics – using the young (less wise) against the older generations
CoronaVirus being used by government to drive forward many globalist policies
UK being controlled by a government of occupation – not who the people voted for
UK Column viewer’s email on UK Excess Mortality Spikes
SNP minister says he is considering wearing a face mask ‘for the rest of my life’
Masks: where is the best available scientific evidence…? Still no risk assessments…
Many people are now emailing MPs with serious questions on mask safety
MPs are responding with a standard letter regurgitating government advice from SAGE
The Royal Society: face masks and coverings for the general public
Spanish Flu: mask wearing was ineffective then too…
Masks: all about using applied psychology to modify people’s behaviour and control them
BBC: Covid studies to examine virus link with ethnicity
Can vitamin D lower your risk of Covid-19 (among many other illnesses)…?
29:17 – Corona vaccine (still unapproved) – another 60 million doses on the way…
Government has secured four different vaccine classes to date for the UK
Vaccine approval…? Who needs approval…?
Freedom of Information being slowly strangled to prevent public access to important data
35:27 – The David Ellis Show – starts this Thursday 30 July at 7:30pm
37:05 – The state uses applied psychology to enforce bad science
Government ‘Mindspace’ document 2010: people’s behaviour will be changed, they will not know
Mail Online adds to CV mask confusion: masks are safe except when they’re not…
CNN: fear-mongering tactics using wrong death figures from South Africa
BBC: CoronaVirus in South Africa – why the low fatality rate may be misleading
BBC on CoronaVirus: short on facts, big on fear
46:11 – Email from UK Column viewer on HydroxyChloroQuine (HCQ)
Another doctor releases video questioning the virus
47:09 – Economics: lockdown causes £30 billion sales loss for pubs and bars
BBC: CoronaVirus – business rescue package has ‘delayed the inevitable’
NatWest boss warns of business failures but pledges support to struggling firms
RBS systematically destroyed its customers’ businesses for profit, leaked files show
51:10 – UK’s first ever space launch…?
Why was UK’s Black Arrow rocket project cancelled in the early 1970s…?
New UK space launch likely to be for the military to put weapons into space…
Ian R. Crane’s funding drive is still ongoing and climbing