UK Column News - 29th January 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Journalism: is government afraid of an independent free press…?
The Cairncross review explored whether ‘intervention’ may be required…
Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan: the stakes are high
MainStream Media launders information to improve search engine credibility
Cairncross review: designed to ensure MSM keeps its monopoly without competition
The ‘trusted’ BBC: let’s look at ‘high quality’ BBC reporting – corona anyone…?
Wellcome Trust vaccine ‘expert’ - meet Dr Josie Golding
‘Independent’ Wellcome Trust is now run by the former head of MI5…
How the BBC spins facts and information on corona virus to ramp up fear
BBC is pushing the agenda for mass forced vaccination on the back of corona
Event 201, October 2019: an exercise to test the response to a severe pandemic…
24:00 - ‘Historic’ Brexit vote to take place in EU parliament today
Brexit without the exit: UK fishing industry – no change
Boris’ autocomplete Brexit interview
28:31 – UK railways to get £500 million to ‘restore’ the Beeching railways…?
£500 million will not be spent on the railway – it is just to pay for the proposals…
31:00 – Dissatisfaction with democracy ‘at record high’
BBC pumps up the fear: democracy is breaking down
Meet BBC article ‘expert’ Dr Roberto Foa, fellow of the Electoral Integrity Project
‘Independent’ EIP partners include Open Society Foundation…
EIP director: meet Pippa Norris
Coincidentally Cambridge Uni launches Centre for the Future of Democracy today
Democracy and climate change: what is ‘deliberative democracy’…?
A change in how we are governed is being pushed by Extinction Rebellion & CFD
No public consultation on any of these changes – who is really in charge…?
A government–supported monopoly press will enable this to happen very easily…