UK Column News - 29th January 2016

VICE NEWS 29th January 2016: FBI Releases Unedited Footage Of OREGON Militia Spokesman's Fatal Shooting (two videos embedded in report: compare edited with unedited footage of the shooting)

FBI YouTube Published 28th January 2016: Complete, Unedited Video Of Joint FBI And OSP Operation 01/26/2016 (YouTube video of 26:28; fatal action starts at this embedded timestamp, 9:11)

UK Against Daesh @UKagainstDaesh No Date Given 2016: tweet blaming President Assad for the starvation of civilians

SCOTTISH LAW REPORTER 25th October 2012: The Lord Advocate’s SECRET SLUSH FUND : Crown Office Have Used Secret Cash [Slush Fund] To ‘Make Payoffs’ & ‘Cover Up’ Criminal, Civil Cases Involving Staff

THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT 4th June 2015: Scottish Ministerial Code - 2015 Edition ISBN: 9781785444210
A Code Of Conduct And Guidance On Procedures For Members Of The SCOTTISH Government And Junior SCOTTISH Ministers

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 15th September 2014: SCOTLAND's Most Senior Civil Servant 'Intimidated Bosses' Over Referendum

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 25th March 2013: Has The Scottish Civil Service Become An Arm Of The Scottish National Party?

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 31st October 2012: When It Comes To Sir PETER HOUSDEN We Have A Problem

SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT YouTube Published 14th November 2012: Early Years Collaborative Launch 1/10/12 - PETER HOUSDEN (YouTube video with a telling number of dislikes)

21st CENTURY WIRE 18th November 2012: Original SCALLYWAG Magazine Paedophile Ring Investigation Turns Up Online

COMMON PURPOSE 6th March 2010: A Question Of Leadership (COMMON PURPOSE): Crisis Communication And Lessons From 2009 (Part 1 of YouTube video)

THUNDERBIRD GMI Global Mindset Institute: NAJAFI MANSOUR JAVIDAN: article on "global mindset"

THUNDERBIRD GMI Global Mindset Institute (No Publish Date Found) 2016: Global Mindset Inventory: The Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) Is The Premier Assessment Tool Developed By Global Mindset Institute To Help Determine A Global Leader’s Ability To Better Influence Individuals, Groups And Organizations Unlike Themselves. (Mind-Play And Psychological Reframing Of People Holding Prominent Positions) (YouTube video embedded in link)

COMMON PURPOSE: WHAT IS CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE?: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Is The Ability To Cross Divides And Thrive In Multiple Cultures

MAIL ONLINE 29th January 2016: Gender Madness: Trans-Girl, Demi Boy. Inter-Sex. DAMIAN THOMPSON Says A Government Survey Asking 13-Year-Olds To Pick From 25 Genders Is As Absurd As It Is Dangerous