UK Column News - 29th April 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – MainStream Media: Almost 50,000 animals killed during military testing
Porton Down: an average of 20 animals killed per day for seven years
Fake intelligence being provided to US President Trump to direct his decisions
Skripal ‘poisoning’ - all anti-Russian theatre…
9:14 – Belt and Road Forum: President Putin speaks on China’s development plans
Putin: some countries trying to stop China’s development. What should China do…?
2 important Belt and Road nodes: Myanmar and Sri Lanka – both having stability issues
15:47 – House of Lords: UK Foreign Policy in a shifting world order
New conditions now fundamentally changing international relations…
Chancellor Philip Hammond: we must create a recognised infrastructure asset class
Foreign and Commonwealth Office: projecting everything onto Russia
FCO wants to harness the power of social media for propaganda purposes
Government agrees that UN should engage wide range of stakeholders including NGOs
Sunday Wire show: Extinction Rebellion discussion also covering NGOs
24:00 - UK Column article: Abusing the System through NGOs & CSOs
How do you vaccuum up people’s fury and direct it down a blind alley…?
Tim Hayward’s blog: trees don’t grow on money
What is the ‘green new deal’…?
Greta Thunberg backed by multimillion dollar corporate PR & communications machine
Funds for green new deal to come from raiding global pension funds…
Wrong kind of green: the manufacturing of Greta Thunberg
Rockefeller to wind down biggest private climate resilience push
Atlantic Council to be used…on top of their propaganda and silencing of free speech
36:17 – Glastonbury Festival to trial 5G mobile network…a weapons grade frequency
A counter-disinformation campaign (propaganda) will follow…
40:04 – Imperialism on Trial – free Julian Assange event: 1 May, London
41:29 – Anti-Semitism now being replaced by Islamophobia…?
BBC Radio 4 Today: the rise of ‘far-right’ extremism
Conflation and confusion reigns supreme – a big can of worms is opening up
46:40 – Brexit: European Parliamentary elections hold the key…?
Don’t trust the polls – vote with conviction