UK Column News - 28th September 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Fracking: three protestors jailed but paedophiles walk free
Fear and threats ramping up to prevent environmental activism
08:43 – BBC: Skripal suspect ‘was made hero of Russia’ by President Putin
BBC only uses evidence from Bellingcat website
Tom Watson: fresh evidence proves Salisbury attack ‘ordered personally’ by Putin
Craig Murray: the problem with Bellingcat’s methodology
Bellingcat’s evidence: one photograph…
BBC promoting Bellingcat heavily: who is Eliot Higgins…?
Off Guardian: Bellingcat ‘evidence’ reveals entry-level computer skills & smoke blowing
21 Wire: Bellingcat ‘a small quango adjunct of intelligence five eyes’
20:35 – Treason May speaks at UN General Assembly: Putin did it…
Macron: Treaty of Westphalia 1648 now in the past…?
Teflon Tony repeats the threat to Westphalian model
World leaders split on which is the best international model – who makes the rules…?
Treason May speaks at UNGA – the audience vanishes…
28:48 – Scotland: The Spectator – in defence of smacking children
Man central to anti-smacking movement now convicted of paedophilia…
Smacking to become a criminal offence while paedophiles are released…?
Police Scotland are going to eliminate ‘hate crime’…is there a definition of hate…?
The idea originates from the UN agenda…their policies are totally incoherent
UN agenda is attacking the nation state at every level
38:28 – Banning discrimination: the final agenda aim is totalitarianism
Scotland’s next census will include a gender neutral option
Government data collection not benevolent – can be used malevolently
41:48 – Brexit: Police ready for chaos as row erupts over possible rationing…
Fear being ramped up with threats over Brexit outcome
Tory HQ used Twitter army to attack Corbyn but they turned on Treason May instead
EU military unification happening behind the scenes – MPs and public in the dark
Tommy Robinson supports child abuse victim Melanie Shaw – media avoids details