UK Column News - 28th September 2015

Figures indicate the number of minutes into the broadcast when the item in question begins.


2’]    Justin Walker fears that Jeremy Corbyn’s team will be a repeat of the Greek experience of the Syriza party: thwarted expectations. Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, signed an Early Day Motion 748 in Parliament last year to commemorate the centenary of the Bradbury Pound, but now the Shadow Cabinet is not mentioning that option.

“Jeremy and John have got to be challenged.”


Brian Gerrish calls this pertinent failure “more of the LibLabCon scam” while Britain’s public infrastructure is deliberately sold off to overseas companies.


Mike Robinson reports that Lord (formerly Sir Bob) Kerslake of Common Purpose is unfortunately involved in an investigation into the Treasury. Gerrish presumes that he will be teaming up with his fellow CP senior at the Treasury, Lynn Homer.


6’]    The BBC is recruiting its first Scotland Editor, because “Scotland has become the story”, reports Scotland-US Blog. Corbyn (Robinson notes) is also explicitly on board with the agenda of splitting up the UK.


7’]    Nottingham Post: “Nottingham litter louts fined hundreds of pounds for dropping cigarettes” — the city which fails to prosecute paedophiles, and which makes the survivors of abuse homeless, is issuing vicious fines (with identification of people’s full name, address and age) for cigarette butt dropping.

So, as far as Nottingham City Council is concerned, these are the criminals to pursue and paedophiles are not.

Walker says: “This is about corporate law … as the corporate sector take over our courts.” It is obvious that there is no common sense or proportion in the “utterly corrupt” courts system.

Robinson mentions the “massive fight going on” with mass resignations from magistrates’ courts. Only the “little Hitlers” will be left behind, unfortunately. Walker urges disgruntled public servants to stay in post and stand up to the “cowards”.


11’]    Camden New Journal: “Public could ‘crowdsource’ funds for Hampstead police force as fears grow over violent crime” — that is, wealthy parts of London, having had their policing cut to the bone and now facing horrible aggressive crime, are having to buy policing. A ridiculous quotation by local councillor Oliver Cooper, which states that crime has been cut but that there has been a spate of crime, is put on screen and read out.


13’]    Gerrish has been told that a £3,500,000,000 slush fund has been made available to the police to fight “terrorism” at the same time as normal policing appears to be unfunded.


14’]    Robinson calls David Cameron a hypocrite for having called for President Assad of Syria to face trial for war crimes. Gerrish adds that the “arrogance … defies belief that comes out of this man’s mouth”. “The UK and the U.S. have been responsible for destabilising that country; words fail me.”


16’]    More press reviews regarding Syria diplomacy. Iran, Russia and China appear to have established that all actors accept Assad will stay in office.


19’]    Daily Mail report about GCHQ. Gerrish calls GCHQ’s insistence that everything it does is legal “a complete pack of lies” and shows in a screen diagram how “independent” the oversight of the intelligence services is.


26’]    The Crane Report is at 7:30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 29 September), not tonight.


27’]    A Leicestershire viewer’s e-mail is shown on screen and read out. The author points out that Jamie Bartlett is the Director for the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at think-tank Demos. This center (CASM) is a collaboration between Demos and the University of Sussex, and Bartlett was previously a research assistant for Islamic Relief. CASM partners with pollsters Ipsos MORI to collect data.


Gerrish has established that Bartlett has now apparently stepped down from Demos, replaced by Carl Miller. CASM is described on the website as CASM Consulting LLP. He is therefore “someone being paid to spy on … anyone who dares to challenge the government’s view”.


Miller is a registered director of CASM Consulting LLP and another long-standing member of it, Dr Jeremy Paul Reffin, is also a registered director of it.


A 2010 BBC report describes Demos as working alongside HM Government to undermine anyone who advocated “conspiracy theories”.


32’]    Walker urges: “With the money supply issue, we can bring down the whole house of cards … [New World Order conspirators] are completely stuffed once we take away their right to issue and control the world’s money.”


33’]    Gerrish recommends that those wishing to understand the role of Demos in shaping a post-democratic order read a paper originally by James Higham and originally posted at…

(available as a PDF from Gerrish’s website CP Exposed at… ).


35’]    The Global Goals have been launched at the UN General Assembly. Robinson goes into detail on Cameron’s words regarding “climate change” at the launch and on HM Government’s figure of 0.7% of GDP being spent on “international development” which, in the odd phrase used by all the papers, is now “enshrined in law”.


38’]    Gerrish notes that money is never available in Britain to keep industry going but always is for aims such as the above.


39’]    President Putin has given an interview to 60 Minutes and says he is deeply convinced that state institutions are being deliberately disintegrated in Middle Eastern countries. “It is only the Syrian people who should decide who should govern their [own] country and how,” is Putin’s retort to the U.S.-UK coalition against Assad. “Respecting sovereignty should mean preventing coups and … not overthrowing legitimate governments,” Putin adds.


41’]    The International Business Times reports a 10% rise in London homelessness since this time last year.


42’]    Viewers have been urging the UK Column to look into the huge funding of Germany to take in massive numbers of migrants. Local councils in Germany, reports the Gatestone Institute, are simply taking over property and kicking out the residents to make way for them.

The refugee crisis is government-created and government-orchestrated, Gerrish points out.

Landlords in Germany are earning handsomely by cramming in as many migrants as possible in their properties, and this policy is being driven by governments with money from bankers.