UK Column News - 28th November 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

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Artwork by Ned.

START – Ukraine: the coincidences keep building…
NATO’s Stoltenberg coincidentally meets Ukrainian Parliament Chairman
No media opportunity to cover the meeting
Integrity Initiative: Edward Lucas – West again failing test set by ‘Russian aggression’
Edward Lucas fomenting war with Russia…?
BBC one-sided bias: why Ukraine-Russia sea clash is fraught with risk
Ukraine admits counter-intelligence officers were on board captured boats…
War propaganda is openly in view – a pretext to conflict…?
Many secret meetings now taking place without public accountability or reporting
Who is CEPA…? A look at their International Advisory Council
Radio Free Europe: NATO agrees to the ‘Four 30s’ plan
Gavin Williamson: Britain is not going to be participating in a European Army
EU military unification is a completely different thing but…it’s not mentioned
18:07 – BBC: opened new Monitoring Bureau in Kiev in 2005
BBC Media Action also working (disrupting) in the Ukraine…
Initiative paid for by British government via Foreign and Commonwealth Office
BBC is not a media organisation – it is a worldwide propaganda machine
What is the British media establishment doing to other countries…?
Treason May 2017: we must be open-eyed to actions of hostile states like Russia…
May and her entourage need to go – they don’t work for the British people
29:27 – January 2018: Franco British Summit – a Franco British border force…?
Sandhurst Military Academy being used to link British and French government
Britain getting even closer to EU while Treason May tells the people we are leaving
Sajid Javid: Sandhurst Treaty allows the UK and France to work even closer…
This will subvert Parliament – British politicians are now flying blind
Schengen 360 gives EU control over all militaries with 48 hours notice
Can Parliament stop British military commitments any longer…?
37:28 – David Noakes GcMAF case: 15 month total sentence
Judge: I believe GcMAF is and will be beneficial to people who need this treatment
41:40 – Alternative View 9.1 conference: Democracy in Chains – 2 December, London
42:13 – BBC: Lion air crash – investigators say plane was ‘not airworthy’
Fake news from BBC: pilots had not been informed of Boeing system in use