UK Column News - 28th June 2016

START    Whistleblowers Disappear : Where are the Dochertys…?
2:37    Smart Motorways & lavish expenditures on digital signs
6:15    absurdist trapeze scandal with pro European overtones
8:29    teacher pits students vs parents with Anti-Brexit Email
11:45    actual Ministry of Truth to be established in America?
17:21    without a real press & Media we are at profound Risk
20:17    idea of the EU as a safeguard against war is a wild lie
23:11    BBC portrays British people as ignorant racist idiots
26:13    subversion from within in the form of EU solidarity
29:08    Richard Branson argues for secondary referendum
33:54    various factions scramble over the post-Ref debate
38:02    subtextual occult & esoteric factors in handshakes
41:39    clashes between white nationalists & anti-fascists
47:52    a pervasive transnational surveillance operation