UK Column News - 28th July 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START Named Person Scheme : ‘Information-sharing’ Beyond Authority 04:32 Justice Lowell Goddard Cashes-in whilst Abuse-Networks thrive 09:13 Operation Steppe Eagle : a ‘peace-keeping exercise’ in Eurasia 10:37 Admirals & Swedish insight with regards to Terror & WWIII 12:51 Orwellian MOD ‘Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre’ 17:04 Catalonia votes to break away from Spain : ‘a Scottish type scenario’ 25:38 Finally : Exposure of the British Council & the subversive Third-Sector 26:41 The Status Quo in the United Kingdom Energy Sector : full descent… 29:39 A standoff in Surrey : what is it and will it be linked into ISIS or Islam? 35:43 Melanie Shaw - an innocent woman speaks out - & is persecuted for it.