UK Column News - 28th January 2019

Mike Robinson and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Ministry of Justice definition of The British Constitution: so many errors
UK parliament is sovereign: wrong
Bill of Rights 1689 and Magna Carta can be amended: wrong
British Constitution not written down: wrong
No parliament had a part in the creation of the Bill of Rights and Magna Carta
British government doesn’t want the people to know their real rights…
Did the Queen make a veiled comment on Brexit at WI meeting…?
Jacob Rees-Mogg: Downing Street asked Queen to make Brexit intervention
The divine right of government…?
Government and Queen are in breach of oath if their manifesto is not adhered to
Civil Contigencies Act 2004: martial law coming…or trashing the Constitution…?
Why is the Bill of Rights 1689 under threat…?
To proceed with EU military unification, a British standing army is needed
24:58 – French yellow vest protests: eleventh week – protestor hit in the eye
Red scarf counter-demonstrations begin: very organised from the start…
Red scarf group want to encourage listening to Macron
Macron is heavily controlling the line of questioning
Book recommendation: Gangs and Counter-Gangs by Frank Kitson
28:59 – USA: Roger Stone arrested in predawn FBI raid – CNN on the scene…
30:20 – Venezuela: Alan Duncan speaks at the UN
Duncan’s hypocrisy: we need an end to corruption…in Venezuela
Duncan talks of Venezuelan ‘tyranny’ but no mention of the EU…
Bank of England refused to return $1.2bn in gold to Venezuela
A re-run of Iraq in Venezuela…?
Venezuela’s suffering is being engineered…