UK Column News - 28th January 2016

21st CENTURY WIRE 27th January 2016: Eyewitness Says Feds Ambushed BUNDYS, 100 Shots Fired At Passengers, LAVOY FINICUM Killed With ‘Hands Up’

THE HERALD (Plymouth) 27th January 2016: SPOT THE BLOB: Five Possible New Locations For PLYMOUTH's GIANT GREEN Sculpture

THE DAILY MIRROR 27th January 2016: Top Tories Met GOOGLE Chiefs 25 Times In Run-Up To 'Sweetheart' Tax Deal (Video Embedded in Link)

FINANCIAL TIMES 28th January 2016: GOOGLE TAX: Call For BRUSSELS To Investigate UK Deal

UK COLUMN ONLINE 28th May 2013: BILDERBERG 2013: The Birth Of Global Tax System

OECD 28th January 2016: A Boost To Transparency In International Tax Matters: 1 Countries Sign Tax Co-Operation Agreement To Enable Automatic Sharing Of Country By Country Information

ANGLO-FRENCH MEDICAL SOCIETY No Publish Date 2016: ABOUT: The Anglo-French Medical Society Is A Professional Organisation Fostering Interaction Between UK And FRENCH Doctors And Medical Students


BLOOMBERG BUSINESS 8th July 2007: The FRENCH Lesson In Health Care (Back-Door Integration of European Health Care System?)

THE MISS FORD BURSARIES No Publish Date Found 2016: Rules: Six Bursaries Of £300 Are Awarded Each Year By Competition. (Single-page PDF)

UK COLUMN ONLINE 14th February 2011: FRANCO-BRITISH Council Annual Report 2010: The FRANCO-BRITISH Council Plan To Destroy BRITAIN's Military Capability

GUARDIAN LIVE How Do We Pay For the NHS We Want? Wednesday 10th February 2016 (forthcoming event)

FINANCIAL TIMES (Asia-Pacific Economy) 25th January 2016: AZERBAIJAN Leader (Ilham Aliyev) Enters Uncharted Territory As Oil Boom Ends

THE NEWS HUB 22nd January 2016: SOROS To World Economic Leaders In DAVOS: We Are Repeating 2008! For The Former Hedge Fund Manager Turned 'Philanthropist', CHINA Is To Blame... It’s Nothing But Serious.
“And The CHINESE Left It Too Long To Address The Changeover In The Growth Model... So A Hard Landing Is Practically Unavoidable”

CHINESE NEWS - (People's Daily Online Exclusives) 27th January 2016: Op-Ed: Think Twice Before Declaring War On CHINESE Currency

RT (Russia Today) QUESTION MORE 26th January 2016: ISIS fighters Use GEORGIA’s PANKISI GORGE To Train & Rest – LAVROV

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS NEWS 27th January 2016: War On ISIS: GEORGIA Prime Minister Denies DAESH Training Camp Operating In PANKISI GORGE

EUROPEAN COMMAND THEATRE STRATEGY Gen Philip M. Breedlove, USAF (United States Air Force) Commander Gen Philip M. Breedlove, USAF October 2015: "RUSSIA Is Presenting Challenges To Our Allies (ISIS?) And Partners In Multiple Regions: Therefore, It Is A Global Challenge That Requires A Global Response... (PDF link)

THE GUARDIAN 28th January 2016: BRITISH Government Makes U-Turn Over Resettlement Of SYRIA Children - TIM FARRON (Liberal Democrats): "BRITAIN Has Always Been A Compassionate And Welcoming Country, And I Am Delighted That The Government Has Finally, After Months Of Pressure, Committed To Vital Humanitarian Aid." (Embedded Video in Link)

OSIRIS: About OSIRIS Educational No Publish Date Found 2016: OSIRIS Educational Are The UK's Leading Independent Training Provider For Teachers

OSIRIS Building Character Conference 2016: 21st March 2016, LONDON.
1. 2016 The New National Model For Character Development
2. The 2016 National Agenda For Character Education (Forthcoming event)

OSIRIS EDUCATIONAL No Publish Date Found 2016: Building Learning Power With GUY CLAXTON. 10th February 2016, LONDON. GUY CLAXTON Is The Founder Of Building Learning Power - Worldwide Success In Achieving Better Results Through Powerful Learning. He Is Visiting Professor Of Education At KING's COLLEGE LONDON. (Forthcoming event)

THE RSA YouTube Published 29th January 2014: On BEING TOUCHED And MOVED: Why Spirituality Is Really About The Body (YouTube video)

BUILDING LEARNING POWER -TLO Limited YouTube Published 18th June 2010: The Idea Of Building Learning Power - Prof. GUY CLAXTON, An Educational THEORY (YouTube video)

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL UK 27th January 2016: Corrupt Money In The UK
When Corrupt Politicians, Public Officials And Resources-Resources-Business People Steal Public Funds, They Prefer To Keep Those Funds In Safe Places. The UK Is One Such Safe Place.