UK Column News - 28th February 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

START – Syria: is Turkey attacking the Syrian Army…?
Was Russia really notified of Turkish troop positions…?
NATO’s Stoltenberg: this is an attack on a NATO member – intervention ahead…?
The western narrative on Syria: a humanitarian disaster – think of the children
A closer look at NATO’s Article 5
Social media in Turkey has been shut down to prevent discussion
Turkey has invaded Syrian territory so any attack on them is not an attack on Turkey
Russia to UN: you play civilian suffering every time the terrorists you cherish are threatened
Russia sends two warships to Latakia after escalation with Turkey in Syria
By the letter of the law, Turkey is in violation of international law
16:50 – Julian Assange extradition hearing update
A closer look at the defense argument summary
Prosecution claims that Assange is not a journalist – statement was immediately refuted
21 Wire article: Assange courtroom drama speaks to this illusion of justice
Assange contained inside armoured glass box within courtroom – complains he cannot hear
Crown Court judge in attendance Vanessa Baraitser: no online info or photo available…
UK-US Extradition Treaty confusion
Is Assange’s extradition a political ‘done deal’…?
37:26 – MH17 Awaiting Trial event: 3 March – Conway Hall, London WC1
38:50 – Britain’s commitment to new nukes – a deeper look
US and UK plans ‘low-yield’ replacement nukes
Russia points out that lower–powered weapons are much more likely to be used…
43:07 – More exploitation: Greta in Bristol…the Guardian interviews her mother
Contrary to many people’s belief, this is a huge political and financial plan being rolled out
46:12 – BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg wins award…the MSM cartel always wins
Emily Maitlis also gets award for interview with Prince Andrew…