UK Column News - 28th February 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Frightening weather shocker...nothing out of the ordinary happens
01:20 – After ‘The Beast’...earthquakes next - the end of the World…?
03:25 – CNN fake news: North Korea sends chemical weapons to Syria…
04:44 – BBC: Media Action sacks six people over sexual misconduct
07:38 – Brexit: common regulatory area in Ireland
    Varadkar spends €5 million on Irish immigration spin unit
18:18 – Civil Society: who are Bond…?
    UK Column article: The Regionalisation Process
23:55 – Parliament: Cambridge Analytica questioned on fake news
    Who are SCL Group…?
27:59 – Public brainwashing in plain sight
30:25 – Global Future think tank: Openess = Opportunity
34:55 – English Common Law under threat from EU
36:40 – Human Rights Council meets...differing viewpoints
39:46 – Child abuse investigation: UK Column Emails the Home Office
44:57 – Home Office tweet: tell us about your abuse - we won’t lose your file
46:12 – And finally: Banjo Marla’s white helmets singalong