UK Column News - 28th August 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – PM Boris: Parliament prorogued – Queen’s Speech to follow
German ministers – full of rhetorical nonsense
People’s Parliament meets at Church House: more chaos ahead
MainStream Media: pre-programming the public mindset for UK break-up…?
More Brexit madness: Archbishop of Canterbury gets involved in politics…
14:01 – 100 ways aid works for the UK and the world
UN global goals is the real reason behind UK aid
The Guardian: we need to cancel the next G7 until Trump has gone…
Brazil (Amazon) fires: President Bolsonaro thanks US President Trump for his help
NASA: level of current Amazon fires is no greater than the last fifteen years
MSM using Amazon fires as propaganda attack on Brazil’s sovereignty
22:33 – Ian Crane: Humanity Vs Insanity live tomorrow at 19:30
23:15 – Lyn Thyer update: currently imprisoned in France on GcMAF charges
24:54 – GcMAF awareness event: 11:11am on September 11 outside Parliament
25:18 – Opioids: Johnson & Johnson fined $500 million over addiction claims Britain’s opioid crisis takes on US dimension
Skripal incident: initial reports suggested Fentanyl (an opioid) was the cause…
28:42 – Held down and killed: from dementia to forced death
David Cameron stated (without evidence) that millions would suffer dementia
Cameron’s venture capital fund invests £6.5 million in search for dementia drugs
Wales: new contract for mental health – elderly patients having dementia induced…?
33:55 – Facial recognition: scanning faces ‘a potential threat to privacy’
EU plans sweeping regulation of facial recognition
USA: calls for a blanket ban on facial recognition tech until regulation is in place
36:52 – BBC preparing to launch a rival to Amazon’s Alexa…
BBC looks to data mining to shore-up its failing income from licence fees
38:37 – Geoffrey Epstein accuser urges Prince Andrew to ‘come clean’
BBC article leaves Epstein/Prince Andrew connection behind a web link but…
BBC smears Trump by ending article with charges and a photo of Epstein & Trump
Oxford & Cherwell Valley College abuse: Prince Andrew was warned but still visited
Epstein’s lawyers still unsure if he died of suicide or homicide…