UK Column News - 27th November 2019

Mike Robinson, Brian Gerrish and David Ellis with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Defense: RUSI publishes report – concerned about UK’s defences
Russia spends $61 billion on defence, NATO spends $1 trillion on defence…
Where does all the money go...why are we apparently not secure against Russia…?
RUSI report doesn’t make sense in reality – EU defence union being mooted…?
RUSI’s argument: the Russians are coming – why has UK defence spending been cut…?
Is NATO lining up to merge with upcoming EU military union…?
Will Britain have to drop its latest Tempest super-fighter project…?
Single-point procurement: the argument is cost-saving but it has never been proven
This is still not an election issue but Nigel Farage is now talking about it
Defense News: Tories practically ignore defense issues as it preps for elections
21:33 – October 2019: prospect of Turkish rescue of British Steel securing 4000 jobs
Latest: British Steel to be sold to Chinese firm Jingye Group…
But isn’t this what the UK government should be doing…?
Is the UK government incapable or is Britain continuing to be sold out…?
Li Ganpo: head of Jingye Group started out as a school teacher
Ganpo’s meteoric rise up the business ladder seems very suspect
BBC: China’s secret ‘brainwashing’ camps
FP: Chinese companies do not operate under the same rules as Western companies
Sky News: China threatens military response if UK warships go near disputed islands
China: an enemy or a friend…? The British public must ask questions
34:29 – BBC video top stories: aimed at children or adults…?
BBC: LGBT teaching row – school protests now permanently banned
The thin end of the wedge: any peaceful protest can now be banned on a whim…
BBC: blatantly anti free speech
GOV.UK: curriculum will be changed to include LGBT lessons in primary schools
UK Column contacts DfE with evidence on Extinction Rebellion criminality: no reply
The reason: Extinction Rebellion represents government policy…
The state is now running the very extremism it is warning us about: communism…?
BBC: still claiming to be impartial and trustworthy
Trust at an all time low: Brits believe fake news will increase over the next year
46:31 – Devon Live: advice on what to put in a disaster grab bag
Prepping: the public mind being programmed for disaster…