UK Column News - 27th May 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update – quasi house arrest continues
Lockdown deaths continue to rise – no analysis from the MainStream Media…
CV already in Northern Italy in October 2019…but no-one wants to hear that
Meet Mr Bubbles (Per Block): the man modelling the future lockdown
Meet Block’s team: who is Marion Hoffman…?
BBC: CoronaVirus – abusers target children online in lockdown
Police allege that BBC and wider MSM will not report alarming 500% increase…
Guardian: Barrow MP calls for calm after protests over rape claims case
Police conduct year-long investigation: no evidence of grooming gangs in Barrow
The case is supported by GMP grooming whistleblower Maggie Oliver
Lockdown damaging mental health of students and children – silence from the MSM
United Nations New World Order Project: Let’s take our planet back…
The project has been operating for ten years with no public interaction until now
Mandela’s grandson Ndaba & Jaime Illien at the helm – with no previous experience
UN NWOP website domain owned by Illien Global: happiness for all
Illien Global founded by establishment of Illien Adoptions International Inc.
Meet Jaime Illien and his almost unbelievable resume…
An ideology: these people see themselves as leaders who will guide us all
Blavatsky and Alice Bailey’s teachings being used again leading to communism
Resentment & unhappiness being made universal so people cry out for change…
27:30 – Dominic Cummings under attack now from Tim Laughton (Con)
Laughton is clueless as to what is really happening in government
BBC aires Cummings statement but subtitles do not match Cummings’ narrative…
Dominic Cummings blog: the repurposing of government – Moloch appears
High Performance People versus the Monkeys or Untermenschen…?
Moloch, Chronos and Saturn – the modern equivalent of child sacrifice is abortion
Separating the mind from feelings…
Tavistock Institute: Corona-time notes – the virus of horror
Book recommendation: Daniel Estulin – Tavistock Institute
Tavistock Institute: involved with psycho analysis and psycho therapy of the masses
Some very sinister stuff is happening in the halls of power…
42:18 – David Noakes (GcMAF) contact details
Germany: Constitutional Court case ongoing against the EU
European Commission 10 May: threat of infringement proceedings against Germany
ECB preparing to buy out Germany’s share in multi-billion bonds purchase scheme
Retired Dutch politicians starting to say they have to get rid of the Euro now
What is going on with the EU at the moment – can it survive…?
49:33 – The people’s passport: digital health passports being heavily pushed
This follows the Chinese model for tracking us all…
YouTube channel for consideration: Jason Goodman